Due to crop failure, our pick-your-own strawberries will be closed for the 2020 season. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and hope next season brings better results.

Here at Hoovers Farm, strawberries are a big deal and one of our feature crops. We have approximately 4 acres of strawberry plants and dedicate an acre for customers who prefer to pick there own. We grow around 8 to 10 varieties of strawberries to supply you with a steady supply of berries throughout the season.

A Harsh Spring for Strawberries

This spring has been extra difficult, with quite a few late frosts that damaged blossoming plants. Fortunately, we were able to save most of our crop with irrigation by special sprinklers designed to cover plants with a layer of freezing water that releases just enough heat to save the blossom. In most cases, the irrigation must run all night and by morning, fields are covered in sparkling ice!

The end result was most of our crop was saved and only suffered small losses. Although Lancaster County’s strawberry crop is expected to be unusually small, we hope to supply our customers with plenty of sweet, homegrown strawberries.

Early Strawberry Varieties

Our earliest variety is the old fashioned favorite, Early Glow. Almost everyone agrees that this is simply the best strawberry to be had: very sweet and the perfect strawberry flavor. It’s only downside is its tendency to be smaller in size.

We also have some Galletta variety which is similar to Early Glow, but larger and, you guessed it, not as sweet.

Another early variety we grow is AC Wendy. AC Wendy is a very prolific producer and a favorite among u-pickers for its abundant, easy picking.

In addition to these three, we are also trying a promising brand new variety called Yambu that ripens a few days after Early Glow.

Later Season Strawberries

As we advance into mid season we arrive at the gold standard variety called Jewel, a large, firm, sweet berry with high yield and good flavor. It’s one of the best producing, quality berries available. At the same time we will also be picking Flavor Fest, a newer mid season variety that is a good, vigorous producer.