Want an inexpensive way to decorate your home and celebrate the fall? Head to your favorite local farm market for Hoovers’ mums, pumpkins, gourds, haystacks, cornstalks, and other harvest-related items perfect for fall decorating.

Our large seasonal greenhouse selection of mums in red, orange, purple, yellow, and white will brighten up your home, whether in containers or as plants for your garden beds and borders.

Creative ways to use fall mums from Hoovers Farm:

  • Use a hollowed pumpkin as a planter for your mums (a mumkin!)
  • Use your mum plant as the main item in a centerpiece, surrounded by small gourds and Jack Be Littles
  • Place them inside old wicker baskets (thrift stores have plenty of inexpensive options)
  • Line your driveway or outline a gathering area with brilliant mum colors
  • Tie corn stalks to your mailbox post or front entryway; add mums and various gourds to create a harvest-theme welcome

How to care for your mums:

  • If your mum seems cramped in its container, repot it with fresh soil to allow it to grow
  • Make sure your mums, either inside or outside, get sunshine
  • Water your mums every other day, preferably watering the soil and not the blooms
  • For mums outdoors, deadhead spent blooms to encourage continued flowering
  • Mulch around outdoor mums to protect them when the temperatures drop. When the first frost is predicted, cut back your mums to about an inch of stem above ground.