Spring is here and if the sudden sunshine and slightly warmer afternoons have you in the mood to do some planting, look no further than our brightly colored Pansies. Pansies are a great choice to plant in the early days of spring. Not only do they offer beautiful coloring, but they also enjoy cooler weather. They will even endure temperatures into the single digits; a frost or two is nothing to worry about with Pansies – they’ll endure the freeze and bounce back just fine. If you’re thinking of spicing up your property with some pansies, don’t wait too long. As hearty as they are in the cold temperatures, they don’t care too much for our hot Lancaster County summers. March and April are the best month to plant these beautfiul flowers.

Speaking of planting, Pansies are at home in your garden, along border walls, as ground cover or in pots. If you do decide to pot them, remember to water them regularly – they’re thirsty!

Oh, and did you know Pansies are edible? That’s right! The petals have a mild minty flavor. Between their flavor and their vibrant color, they’re sure to be the star of your next salad or dessert.