Hoovers Eggs

Looking for local, farm-fresh eggs? The cage-free chickens at Hoovers supply its Lancaster County visitors with delicious, protein-packed eggs that are locally sourced. Come visit this favorite farm market in Lititz, where you may see Vernon’s chickens roaming nearby pastures.

Fresh Local Eggs

We think farm-to-plate eggs taste best and breakfasts made from locally sourced ingredients are freshest. Hoovers cage-free chickens produce eggs perfect for boiling, pickling, frying and – even better – your grandma’s best cake recipe! It’s just a short drive to find farm fresh eggs from free-range chickens.

Free-Range on the Farm

Speaking of free-range, did you know Hoovers is a family friendly farmers market that welcomes children to its playground on site? Parents are welcome to shop our farmers market and greenhouse while kids get to enjoy some outdoor activity. Hoovers Farm Market and Greenhouse is a family affair. Vernon’s wife and children are all involved in different areas of the farm. We hope you and your family visit us soon!