Hoovers Honey

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Hoovers Raw Honey

Hoovers raw honey is harvested from bees that busily collect local pollen to produce sweet, golden, buttery honey. Thought to boost immunity and alleviate allergy symptoms, raw honey keeps most of its naturally beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. Our honey is 100 percent pure. It makes Vernon happy to know people often search specifically for Hoovers raw honey near them.

Honey bees are up against a lot today! Their numbers are dwindling. It’s nice to know Vernon’s bees are a thriving bee community on his Lititz honey farm. They help pollinate the fresh fruits and vegetables eventually sold at the local farm market.

Local Honey from on the Farm

You may see bits of “capping” or beeswax in our local raw honey, but that’s just a natural part of the bee’s honey-making process. Bees use capping to protect the honey. It’s tasteless. Some people even enjoy chewing the capping as they would chewing gum!

Honey is rich in antioxidants, which may help fight cancer and other diseases. Some folks use honey to soothe a sore throat or alleviate coughing. Hoovers raw honey can be used to naturally sweeten your tea or used as a natural sweetener in favorite baking and cooking recipes.